Artist Help – All I’s (eyes) are on you!

Artist Help – All I’s (eyes) are on you!.


Artist Help – All I’s (eyes) are on you!

All I’s Are On You

As an independent artist, there are so many things you need to keep track of. Schedules, social media, practice, making music, recording …….. the list goes on! How do you keep it all in check and still keep an eye on your dreams? Remember the 9 I’s of being an artist. When you’re on stage, all eyes will be on you! So keep in mind, as an artist, all THESE I’s are on YOU!


Make sure you as an artist have a persona, that is separate and distinct from your “real” self. Make sure you can visualize who you are and how you want to be. Then go with it. Anytime you are out, make sure you are IN CHARACTER. Remember, Image is EVERYTHING! Perception is reality! How people perceive you will be who they believe (and expect) you to be. Anything different and they’ll lose that image of who you are.


In this business, especially as a new or up and coming artist, all people can trust is your word. And if you let ONE person down, they tell two friends, who tell two friends, etc. Get it? Your word is GOLD, always live up to expectations. There will be a lot of people that promise big things, but always stay true to your promises. Build a good networking foundation and the sky’s the limit.


Sure, all artists have a collective mindset that they draw from, past experiences, musical interests, tastes, looks, etc. But29541_10151181959276169_1457445792_n make sure that when you put the puzzle together, you are UNIQUE and set apart from anyone else out there. YOU are YOU, and no one else will ever be exactly YOU, so make sure your potential fans know that. Your music MAY sound like a certain person, but make sure you always stress you are an individual. Do whatever it takes to set yourself apart from the rest. Otherwise, your just another DJ / producer who can hit buttons and play melodies.


Find something your passionate about, something outside of just music. Try and incorporate that into your image. What do you stand for, what is something that can set you apart from the others. Find an ideal, and use it to market yourself. My hook is aliens, I use that to create my artist’s image as more than JUST music, I think of myself as an experience. Remember that CD’s (even at $10) are expensive. Your fans want to buy MORE than just your music. They want the whole thing! So find what it is and give it to them.


Always be updating your artists in some way. ALWAYS. Because when you become old news, it is hard to bring them back. Keep them interested, always look for ways of disseminating information both about yourself and your cause. This is hard work, let people know. This is your life, let people know. But most importantly, LET PEOPLE KNOW 🙂 With everything else an artist has to do, this can be the most challenging to keep up on day after day. But don’t let it slide, if you stay fresh in people’s minds, they will remember you. And in this day and age where everyone is an artist, the key is to get in front of as many people as you can as often as you can.


Music is creativity, and creativity is bred from imagination. My mind goes a thousand miles a minute, I am ALWAYS thinking of new songs, new lyrics, new marketing ideas. Half of it may be off the mark, but keep those creative juices flowing. Think outside the box. The most interesting artists I know are free thinkers, you can give them ANY topic and they can come up with there own unique way of looking at things. Music is an extension of your imagination, so let it flow. Always be looking at ways of incorporating spontaneity into your DJ sets, your productions, your marketing, even your personal life!


Some people can walk into a room and have everyone wondering WHO IS THAT? It has less to do with looks, it has every bit to do with impression. You must leave your indelible mark on society, so make sure that when you walk out of the studio, you always have a mindset that you are the man/woman. If you feel good about yourself, people pick up on these subconscious vibes and that ultimately leaves an impression on them. Confidence breeds success! If you aren’t a confident person by nature, just give it a try. Spend a few days thinking positively, both about things around you as well as yourself. See where you are after those few days, and I’ll bet you’re feeling much better about things around you!


Some artists make music by sampling EVERYTHING they can find, nature, industrial sounds. Some come up with new instruments and record them. Whatever it is that you do that is different, and creative, give it a try. It may be horrible, but nothing is lost in trying. So keep those creative juices going and do something ingenious! You just never know when that new idea is the NEXT BIG THING! Keep innovating!


Let’s face it, in order to understand the nuances of music and music theory, you have to have some smarts about ya! A lot of GREAT artists I know are very well spoken, have a good education, and understand more than JUST writing good music. To be a true musician, there are MANY hats you will wear, and you have to be able to multi-task and understand each job you do, and you have to know it well. Ultimately it is what separates the greats from the goods. The music business is an incredibly DIFFICULT business where even with the most persistent hard working artists will find it nearly impossible. But those that can continually think of new ways of doing things, will have the edge. And it all starts with a little smarts.


The music business is a very tough nut to crack! Many very talented artists have found it just too hard, and thrown in the towel. But those that are persistent, who are innovative, who think outside the box, those that truly love music and want to live that culture will stand a better chance of making it. This list is in no way exhausted, so if you come up with others feel free to leave me a message.


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